Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CSI senza cadaveri

Why is the title of the first blog in Italian? It translates to "CSI without dead bodies." It is because I have traveled in Italy and I like to study it's culture and language. My dad's side is Italian while my mom's is German and British mostly.

My occupation is a statistician. I tell people it is like "CSI without dead bodies" because examining a set of data that has been collected is like doing an autopsy on a deceased person in the sense that I'm trying to learn what I can from what information is available. Except in this case the information does not involve gross things. For me the process can be humorous, scary, but always captivating. I hope you feel the same way too.

I included a photo of Pinocchio riding a tricycle which I took on a trip to Rome because it seemed appropriate to the theme of my blog. I will add a brief translation of my first post in Italian for my relatives below.

Perche` il mio blog "CSI senza cadavere"? Sono un statistico. Dico che e` simili a` CSI perche` quando studio una raccolta dei dati, cerco per la verita` dal passato. In contrario a` CSI, non uso niente nauseante (o raramente). Per me il processo sarebbe comico, pauroso, ma sempre affascinante. Spero che sarai d'accordo.

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