Thursday, September 30, 2010

Health insurers force children into the ranks of the uninsured | Seema Jilani | Comment is free |

This is just another example of how the current health care law is a reform that will have to be reformed. A new survey released this week indicates that those who want the law to do more for patients outnumber those who want it repealed by 2 to 1. A Census Bureau report released last week shows that the number of uninsured in the US has reached 50 million last year. This article shows what the law may do to children in the name of maximizing profits.

Health insurers force children into the ranks of the uninsured | Seema Jilani | Comment is free |

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CSI senza cadaveri

Why is the title of the first blog in Italian? It translates to "CSI without dead bodies." It is because I have traveled in Italy and I like to study it's culture and language. My dad's side is Italian while my mom's is German and British mostly.

My occupation is a statistician. I tell people it is like "CSI without dead bodies" because examining a set of data that has been collected is like doing an autopsy on a deceased person in the sense that I'm trying to learn what I can from what information is available. Except in this case the information does not involve gross things. For me the process can be humorous, scary, but always captivating. I hope you feel the same way too.

I included a photo of Pinocchio riding a tricycle which I took on a trip to Rome because it seemed appropriate to the theme of my blog. I will add a brief translation of my first post in Italian for my relatives below.

Perche` il mio blog "CSI senza cadavere"? Sono un statistico. Dico che e` simili a` CSI perche` quando studio una raccolta dei dati, cerco per la verita` dal passato. In contrario a` CSI, non uso niente nauseante (o raramente). Per me il processo sarebbe comico, pauroso, ma sempre affascinante. Spero che sarai d'accordo.