Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pat Toomey: In More Than a 30 Second Ad

One Republican candidate for the US Senate who has benefited from media circus surrounding Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, Carl Palladino in New York in the neighboring states and head stomping in Kentucky is Pat Toomey who is running in Pennsylvania for Arlen Specter's seat against Congressman Joe Sestak.

Toomey is a conservative former Congressman who fought against government regulation of the financial industry. His other views are mostly in the mold of Senator Rick Santorum who was defeated in Pennsylvania in 2006.

Prior to his years in the House of Representatives (1998-2004), Toomey worked as a successful derivatives trader in the US, Great Britain & Asia. His opponent this year, Joe Sestak, has tried to use this past against him in 30 second campaign ads but Toomey can easily counter this with 30 second ads of his own by pointing out that it was Sestak who voted for the $700 billion bailout (Toomey was lucky enough to not be in Congress at the time. I wonder how he would have voted?) for Wall Street and associating him with boogy woman Nancy Pelosi.

Because Toomey has been careful not to give Jon Stewart et al. any great soundbites, he has been able to maintain a solid lead in the polls. Derivatives are too abstract to explain in 30 seconds. Below is a link to an article in Mother Jones magazine that chronicles his Wall Street years and explains derivatives in greater detail than Sestak has so far. It shows how Toomey is far more dangerous in the long run than Christine O'Donnell could ever be.

Pat Toomey: The Wall Street Years | Mother Jones

The blog 2 political Junkies does a good job following Toomey's exploits.

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