Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glenn Beck Is Going To Hold A Rally In Israel This Summer Called 'Restoring Courage'

Did I call it? Glenn Beck is not really going away. After hearing that his show was ending on Fox News many on the left were ecstatic.  In my post Auf Wiedersehen Glenn Beck, Hello Merv Griffin I argued that he wasn't really going away, he was just branching out into other ventures just like Merv Griffin did when his talk show ended.  Today he announced that he is holding a Restoring Courage' rally this summer modeled on his Restoring Honor rally except this time it will be held in Israel. 

This occurs as new nonviolent uprisings are occurring in Israel's occupied territories and struggles for democracy are occurring elsewhere in the Middle East (see video below).  Glenn Really knows how to raise the stakes.  His show on Fox ends on Dec. 31 of this year giving him plenty of time to inspire another Richard Poplawski, Byron Williams, or other wingnut.  If Fox News were really concerned about this they would have fired him on the spot.  Not everyone on the right advocates violence (a few on the left do too) but Beck definitely plays with fire.  How are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert going to top this one?


Rachel Maddow has an update on Beck and Blackwater's antics in the Middle East. 

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