Saturday, July 30, 2011

Right Stimuli (or as the Tea Party would say Stimuluses)

As filming of the new Batman film begins in Pittsburgh this week, stories are circulating about how much money it will pump into the local economy for hotels, restaurants, and the entertainment industry.  This may be true for the hotels, restaurants, and the rest of the local entertainment industry, many of whose employees are uninsured.  Once the filming is over and the trucks have packed up the businesses will go back to normal and any benefit will go as profit to the owners of these establishments.  Will this benefit trickle down to those in the local economy who need it the most?

The fleeting and imaginary benefits from private stimulus spending, which many in Congress who are holding up raising the debt ceiling admire, pale in comparison to the real power struggles that go on between corporate superpowers such as UPMC and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield where the real losers are the patients who depend on them for medical care.  The Western PA Coalition for Single Payer Healthcare put on a
parody of the struggle using Batman & Robin to symbolize real heroes work to correct injustices for the real downtrodden.  The event first took place at Senator Pat Toomey's office and then at Senator Robert Casey's.  It is summarized in the YouTube video below.

The best way to assist those in need is to provide it directly to those who need it the most.  The movies may provide some badly needed diversion but it falls well short of a long tern solution to our economic woes.


The same day the lamestream media CNN aired this report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta about a mini Darth Vader campaigning in Congress against cut's in children's Medicaid.  The boy who played Vader in a Volkswagen commercial has a heart condition and was well placed for media attention and attention from Senators while the rally on Friday is totally ignored by Senators Toomey and Casey..  The irony of such a disconnect is amazing.  While one feels bad for the boy, in a true Medicare for all system such an effort would be completely unnecessary. 

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