Thursday, November 10, 2011

Say it ain't so JoePa!

What a shock last night after coming home and hearing that the man who had personified Penn State football since before I was born had been fired after assuming that they would let him finish his last season.  While there are many things to be learned from this and the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal the biggest one for me is if you have knowledge of sexual abuse crimes being committed at an institution report it to the authorities no matter how morally pure you think that institution is.  The people who run them are human with moral failings.  We depend on idols for inspiration and an illusion of certainty when it is better to stick to the facts and dig for the truth.  Uncertainty is an uncomfortable feeling and is one that we need to learn to handle.


Even Democracy Now is talking about Joe Paterno and PennState in the context of another student occupy protest at UC Berkeley.

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  1. Why is the Penn State Board holding Joe Paterno and the PSU President to a higher standard than the Catholic Church holds its icons?

    Who ever heard of a bishop or cardinal being fired for ignoring pedophilia?

    It is a sad to find out that college football's ethics are higher than that of the Catholic hierarchy.

    Marty B. O'Malley

  2. All institutions are prone to an ol'boy mentality.