Monday, February 28, 2011

Enough with the wait times, already – ctd. | The Incidental Economist

Aaron Carroll at The Incidental Economist has a good analysis of waiting times in the US and in other countries with universal health coverage that do a far better job of controlling costs and providing care than the US.  He shows with lots of charts and graphs that the US with it's flaws in the other areas is still not the best when it comes to waiting times.  All when it's been shown over and over again that the US trails the developed world with single payer systems in health outcomes such as life expectancy and infant mortality.

Enough with the wait times, already – ctd. | The Incidental Economist

Enough with the wait times, already

Aaron Carroll made an appearance on The Colbert Report to discuss Single Payer healthcare.



Dr. Carroll has been getting so many comments on his posts on wait times that he's written another titled:

The demonization of wait times


In it he talks about the real causes of wait times in health care systems, fiscal austerity.  The blog he contributes to, The Incidental Economist, has great commentary on healthcare on a variety of topics.

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