Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PodCamp Pittsburgh 6

Last year I went to PodCamp 5 at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh out of curiosity about social media.  I had gotten into intellectual discussions on my Facebook page and was looking to expand my online presence.  I met lots of people with interests in blogging and podcasting and was inspired to start CSI without Dead Bodies.  There were hundreds of people there including those from the news media with interests in all kinds of blogging from politics to sports to business promotion to muffin recipes.  You can see all of the sessions from last year at the link below.

PodCamp Pittsburgh 5 Sessions

Attendance is free.  This year the event will be at Point Park University on Sept. 17-18 all day.  Until the end of August they will taking suggestions for sessions if you would like to present.  I've submitted a session on how to present statistics on the web and am waiting to hear if it is accepted.  The webpage for PodCamp 6 can be read here with information on how to register and to submit.

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