Monday, October 3, 2011

State Trends in the Uninsured | Health Care 4 ALL PA

My latest guest post is up at Health Care 4 All PA.  You can read my commentary on the graph at the left at the link below.


My guest posts for Health Care 4 All PA are down temporarily due to site maintenance.  I will rehash here what it says.

The Census Bureau came out with poverty estimates for the US and each state from 1999 to 2010.  They also made available for download state and US level estimates of the % uninsured over the same time period.  For comparison purposes I plotted above the US rates (in light blue above), Pennsylvania rates in black because they are of most interest, Texas on the solid purple line because it had the highest uninsured rate in the US in 2010, Montana on the dotted red line because their governor is pushing to enact a single payer system, Vermont on the dotted yellow line because they enacted a single payer system earlier this year, and Massachusetts on the grey dotted line because they enacted a health care plan similar to the federal health care law in 2006 (aka Obamacare).

Texas was consistently above 21% uninsured over the last decade when George W Bush was governor.  Montana has struggled to stay at the national rate.  Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Vermont had similar rates until 2006 when the Massachusetts law was adopted.  The Ma rate was cut in half though still not universal coverage.  The Vermont plan has not been implemented yet.