Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Texas and 5 Other States not participating in Medicaid Expansion So Far

Texas now added itself to the five other states above in dark red which will not participate in the ACA medicaid expansion even though it leads the nation in the percent uninsured at 26.3% and is correlated most strongly with income and the % Latino population at the county level. Here is Texas Gov. Rick Perry's justification:

Pennsylvania is listed in the top graphic as undecided toward participating.  Ezra Klein believes all states will eventually sign up as they are reimbursed.  The right graphic shows four of the six states, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi, having having some of the highest within 200% of federal poverty (Mississippi, try living on that governors) and uninsured (Texas) rates in the US. South Carolina and Wisconsin had  19.4% and 10.6% uninsured rates and 30.9% and 20.9% 200% poverty rates in 2009 respectively.

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