Sunday, July 29, 2012

PodCamp 7 is Coming

Two Weeks ago I posted on a workshop being held by PodCamp called:

What's a Tweet? And what's all this Twitter about? : Computer Class

This was a good class for beginners on twitter that was held at the Carnegie Library last month.  On October 27 & 28 Podcamp Pittsburgh will be holding what they call an unconference for those who want to learn about how to use social media to for online activism, to promote one's business, or for any other activity of interest at Point Park University.  I've embedded the basic class on Facebook and Twitter from last year above.  Attendance is free.  Last year there were sessions for nonprofits, political blogging led by Rep. Mike Doyle, and many others on the potential and pitfalls (remember Sarah Palin's death panels?) of social media.  

There is a generational divide between young and older activists in the use of social media to bypass the lamestream media filter.  There is a national conference for progressive activists called Netroots Nation which will be in San Jose, CA next year.  PodCamp is not political per se but it does teach skills that can be used by anyone and is more accessible.  Individuals of all political stripes attend.  There are similar PodCamps in Wilmington, DE on Sept 28-30 and other cities around the world.  I encourage you all to attend and bridge the digital divide.

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