Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Latino rates in Pennsylvania's Uninsured (Cross Post with PUSH)

In 2009 when President Obama was presenting the affordable care act to Congress, Rep. Joe Wilson famously called out "you lie" when he stated that illegal immigrants would not be covered.  He wasn't lying.  On Feb 25 I did a presentation on census data for Pennsylvania's and Texas' uninsured as it relates to their respective Hispanic/Latino population.  In 2006 the city of Hazleton PA passed a law making English the official language of the town and making it illegal to rent apartments to illegal immigrants and to hire them (Their mayor at the time Lou Barletta is now a US Congressman).  The slides below are not necessarily with respect to immigrant status but the analysis I did reveals some patterns which I believe warrants further investigation.  Dr. Patricia Documet had some good comments on my presentation and data. 

In the Americas, Cuba, Chile, Costa Rica, and Canada provide universal coverage and are close to the United States in life expectancy as can be seen in this link for an online graph from Gapminder for life expectancy and income www.bit.ly/y205Ix (the graph cannot be embedded here.  It is interactive and can the labels can be arranged to make more readable by dragging with the mouse).  Other Latin American countries in the graph are moving towards universal coverage and are catching up to the US.  A similar pattern can be seen in the graph for infant mortality www.bit.ly/wFffeF.
You can see a program on health issues in Pittsburgh's Latino community at the link below with Dr Diego Chaves and Dr. Patricia Documet.
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