Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pitt & PSU going private: Shifting the Tax Burden to College Families & A Bigger Story Than the Pitt Bomb Threats & Joe Paterno

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett, in his zeal to hold the line on taxes, is requiring even more cuts in higher education which are forcing the state related universities (Pitt, Penn State, Temple, and Lincoln) to consider going private which would mean a drastic rise in tuition (Carnegie Mellon charges about $50,000/year for tuition room and board).  Penn State has a total enrollment of about 95,000 students, Pitt 28,000, Lincoln 2,600, and Temple has 37,000.  This would mean a total of 162,600 students and their parents who could be adversely effected if draconian cuts go into effect.  

This should be a bigger story than the Jerry Sandusky scandal which led to Joe Paterno's firing and subsequent death.  Governor Corbett, in his zeal to hold the line on taxes is not really saving anyone money.  As stated before education is one of the few places he can cut services because of entitlement programs.  He is just shifting the cost burden onto those who most often can afford it the least.  This could have serious consequences for the future of the Commonwealth (another term for state) as colleges universities are places for developing new ideas and young minds.  Pitt and Penn State have put out public appeals which can be read in the links below.  Please contact your state legislators and Governor Corbett to keep this from happening. 

Penn State must remain a public university

Rick Santorum may think Obama "a snob" for wanting others to have a college education but Santorum had a nice affordable education at Penn State (he's on the right with a pipe with his frat buddies) and an MBA from Pitt which led to his law degree from Dickinson (It's law school is affiliated with Penn State). Where would he be now if he hadn't had that education?  It probably would be a lot more difficult for him to challenge Mitt Romney right now for the GOP Presidential nomination.


Recently there has been a rash of 100+ bomb threats on the University of Pittsburgh main campus, some of them in the middle of the night.  Campus security has been ramped up and there is a $50,000 reward for information leading to the responsible party's capture.  So far the threats have been a nuisance.  A real attack would likely have little or no warning.  Theories abound about who is responsible.  I stay away from conspiracy theories and won't speculate now about the culprit but I will say that if Pitt goes private next year a lot of students will wish they had the reward money.  The Associated Press is not taking the time to cover this story.


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