Tuesday, May 15, 2012

History Channel Stats

Just as MTV has little to do with music anymore, The History Channel has long ago gotten away from it's Civil War/WWII roots with non history shows like Ax Men, Ice Road Truckers, and Pawn Stars (all seemingly targeted at men).  There are a few exceptions to this rule but this one new series did catch my eye called The United Stats of AmericaIt is hosted by the Sklar brothers (featured in the above video) who are identical twinsThey present statistics on a variety of topics (death in the first episode).  They did a good job of presenting the statistics (peppered with a lot of corny jokes such as CSI Bacteria did I inspire them?) on death which show that the ordinary things provide the highest risk such as heart disease, bacteria, and deer (for animals from car accidents) and not meteorites, snakes, or plane crashes. 

While I like the BBC programme (British spelling) The Joy of Stats better because it is more advanced, the Sklar brothers did a good job of breaking down the causes of various things such as death.  The point of this website is to look even further inside the numbers and look at the causes of the causes of things like death.  So far the way they present the stats is basic but thorough.  I hope they become more advanced as the series goes on and even give it more of a historical perspective.  Tonight they discuss migration patterns in the US.

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