Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2012: Still a 2004 Rerun

In May I wrote that Romney's VP pick would show how afraid he was of the wrath of the far right in the Republican Party.  The more like Santorum he was the more afraid he was.  Santorum did call Paul Ryan, while speaking in Iowa, a "conviction conservative".  Democracy Now had a long discussion about Ryan's background with fellow progressive Wisconsinites John Nichols and Matthew Rothschild showing he is a reasonable facsimile of Santorum.

Banning Abortion is an issue he feels strongly about as well as privatizing Medicare and Medicaid.  His position on gay rights may be evolving just like Romney's in the face of the Chick fil A insanity.  It will take about a week for the impact of Romney's choice to be known on the polls.  I don't forecast elections.  That is Nate Silver's job.  There are more important questions in elections than who's ahead.

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