Thursday, August 8, 2013

Amazon, The Washington Post, and New Media

Jeff Bezos the CEO of has purchased the newspaper The Washington Post.  Above is a discussion of it's impact on journalism and the publishing industry on the show Democracy Now!

This blog has been part of the Amazon Associates program since April 1, 2011. I have posted links to books, movies or other products that they sell when they are relevant to the post. Out of a total of 73,387 ad views according to their site I've had 46 ad clicks (a click through rate of 0.06%) and a total of 3 online sales. 

I am now considering using other advertisers for this purpose. I will leave their links up on old posts but I am looking for new ones for this purpose for future posts as Amazon hurts local retailers as well as larger ones like Barnes and Noble. Although the click through rate is low, there have been many views of the ads on my site and some readers patronize the sites in other ways than purchasing directly online as Dennis Johnson of Mellvile House publishing states above.

The panel discusses how old fashioned journalism personified by the Washington Post of Woodward & Bernstein 40 years ago has long gone.  Bezos buying it puts an exclamation point on this process.  Its now up to independent media, including blogs like this one, to fill the void.  One must be careful to separate the credible ones from the extreme.

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