Monday, January 14, 2013

Podcamp Session Feedback Part 2-The Video of My Session Has Been Posted

The video of my session is now posted. Above you can see the video in it's entirety (47 minutes) and below you can see the slides I presented and the video clip I showed in the presentation. It's hard watching myself and I hope that I am my harshest critic. You can use the Gapminder World software here and download it for free here which is demonstrated in my presentation above.

I am reposting the answers to the feedback survey questions and comments showing that the I am my harshest critic.  I added responses to anonymous comments that I received at the end.
Question 2 was a referendum on my clarity as a speaker.  Though there seems to be more agreement on my clarity this year there was no statistical difference between last years ratings and this years (p=0.176). 

Question 3 relates to how the graphics were presented. I was able to present a video from a BBC documentary called the joy of stats.  There were no large overall differences from this year to last (p=0.667).

For question 4, on whether they learned any new information, the responses seemed most identical across years with a few more disagreeing this year (8.3% in 2011 and 21.4% in 2012, p=0.347).

Question 5 is an overall assessment of the presentation.  Last year someone strongly disagreed that it was helpful.  This year I'm glad no one did but there was still no difference in the overall distribution of responses (p=0.820).

The sixth question relates to how comfortable participants were with statistics. This is the only question where respondents expressed a statistical difference between this year and last (p=0.036) with this year expressing less comfort with the subject.

The last closed ended question was just about whether they had taken a statistics class before.  Last year nine respondents had, two hadn't and one didn't answer the question.  This year they were split 50-50.

This year I received nine comments on 14 surveys compared to three last year.  Those who took stats classes seem just as likely to comment as those who did not. The most specific comments are the most helpful.  I appreciate the one who said it was too political.  It was nowhere near as political as it could have been.  There were too many good examples from politics especially with the election happening a few days after the presentation was made. I added Katie Vojtko's presentation to PodCamp presentation for the one who wanted to see social media for their boss.  I would be happy to add more on the nuts and bolts of Google Analytics to my presentation next time if no one else is presenting on it.  I'd love to have more audience participation.  For the one gentleman who asked about managing twitter followers with statistics (if they read this) I refer them to the software program SocialBro which can be downloaded for free.

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year Post-Facebook Page Announcement

Photo Taken from a Spanish Castle in Crotone, Calabria, Italy
I've been slow to post for the new year due to work, school and illness.  I've created a Facebook page for fans to follow us and can interact more with the author(s).  We have had a few guest posts.  There is a badge for the page at the top right column where you can follow us on Facebook.  We have 39 followers so far.  The video at the right is from the outside lawn at the Vatican Art Museum.  Whether you agree with the Vatican or not, they do have an impressive collection of art, modern and classical.

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