Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Christus Medicus and Single Payer Healthcare (Cross Post with PUSH)

On Saturday, March 16, I went to a talk at the Newman Center in Pittsburgh titled:

Dr. Brian Donnelly, MD
It was given by pediatrician Brian Donnelly, MD.  He spoke mostly of the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) contraception and abortion mandate.  He did not directly address the need for comprehensive health but directed everyone to the Christus Medicus Foundation so I thought I would check them out on the web.  They are hosting a this summer conference called where Rep. Jeff Fortenberry R-NE is scheduled to speak and Sarah Palin protege Sen Ted Cruz R-TX is invited to speak.  

They claim "To actively promote Christ-centered health care in the public square and in the marketplace" and to even have their own insurance plan available to foundation members that is in accordance with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  An audience member (not me) pointed out that the USCCB has called for public health insurance since 1920 and Dr. Donnelly stated that he "was fully aware of their position.  In fact, Mr. Obama took advantage of the Church’s stance to push the legislation through."  The brochure of the foundation plan called Active Care can be read here and does not sound that different from other private plans with deductibles and copays that can be purchased except that they are fighting the contraception mandate in the ACA.  He did state how the healthcare system should not be profit driven.

After his talk I asked him if he was aware of the study that estimated that 45,000 Americans died each year due to a lack of health insurance (see supporting info in related posts below).  He said he was not but he would be happy to look at it.  We exchanged business cards.  If he is receptive to the notion of born Americans dying under the current system, I will tell him about the economic impact study for the state of Pennsylvania which State Sen. Jim Ferlo introduced today in Harrisburg which shows that care can be administered more efficiently.  I hope Dr. Donnelly looks at how Lawrence O'Donnell's commentary (from Feb 10, 2012) on how a Single payer system could avoid the dilemma over the contraception mandate forcing religious institutions to cover things that they don't believe in.  The ideological gap in this country over abortion and sexuality may not be bridgeable but I hope that it can be overcome to find a just healthcare system.

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