Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Census Population Clock and Guardian Terrorism Data Graphs.

The census bureau has made it's online US and World population clock available for embedding on other websites.  Above you can see the estimate of the US population (over 315 million) based on the 2010 census, estimates of birth, death and immigration rates.  If you click on the World Population tab you can see the estimate of the world population (over 7 billion) based on the current world wide birth and death rates.  Below you can see Gapminder statistician Hans Rosling give a TED talk on how he forecasts the world population will stabilize at around 10 billion by 2050.

The Guardian Newspaper of London has a data page with lots of valuable graphics of data.  Below is one of terrorist attacks in the lower 48 US states since 1970 until 2011.  Larger circles indicate more deaths.  Below is an embedded interactive graph showing how the total number of attacks has decreased since 1970 while the number of fatalities with the exception of spikes in 1005 and 2001 has remained relatively steady over the same period.

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