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2013 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates Are Out for School Districts and Counties in PA

Penn Income Penn Poverty The Census Bureau has released the 2013 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) for all states, counties, and school districts in the US. The graphs showing the rates for 2008-2013 are presented for the graphs above with 90% confidence bounds for the estimates for the % in poverty and the state Median income for the state of Pennsylvania. The blue line represents the estimates while the light green line represents the upper bound and the dark green line represents the lower. The top graph shows that median income (the median is the value that appears in the middle of incomes when they are ranked from highest to lowest) has steadily increased since 2010 after decreasing from 2008 to 2010. A different pattern emerges for the poverty estimates in the second graph for the state. It shows a steady increase in poverty levels from 2008 to 2011 with a leveling off for 2011 to 2013. Graphs for Allegheny County are below. Alleg income Alleg poverty
If we look at the county level estimates, a different emerges for each county and school district. Like the state, median income increased for Allegheny County from 2009-2013. Poverty estimates increased from 2010 to 2013 with the other years relatively equal. The larger the population of the county is, the narrower the confidence bounds are for the estimates. School District level estimates for child poverty are available and presented in the map below. There are too many districts presented to present in table form and graphically for years 2008 to 2013. The districts with the highest poverty rates are listed below the map. The top four counties are in the Pittsburgh Area and the fifth highest in the Reading district.  The Greater Johnstown School District ranks sixth with 40.7%.  All of the top six have estimates above 40%.

Table 1

The Ten School Districts with the Highest Child Poverty Rates in Pa (Age 5-17, Local Districts in Bold)
Clairton City School District
Duquesne City School District
Sto-Rox School District
Wilkinsburg Borough School District
Reading School District
Greater Johnstown School District
York City School District
Harrisburg City School District
Allentown City School District
Erie City School District

 School District Poverty map Below are 2013 estimates for each county, the US and Pennsylvania for % in Poverty and median income. Pennsylvania is close to the national estimates for median income but lower than the US for poverty. There are 11 counties above the national poverty rate. There are 21 counties above the national and state medians and 47 counties below. Philadelphia county has the highest poverty rate and the lowest median income.
State County Name All Ages in Poverty % Median Household Income
United States 15.8 $52,250
Pennsylvania 13.7 $52,005
Adams County 9.5 $57,725
Allegheny County 13.5 $51,400
Armstrong County 14.7 $42,927
Beaver County 11.3 $49,215
Bedford County 13.5 $48,003
Berks County 14.0 $55,634
Blair County 16.2 $41,756
Bradford County 13.5 $49,117
Bucks County 6.4 $73,662
Butler County 9.4 $58,430
Cambria County 16.2 $40,930
Cameron County 14.6 $37,891
Carbon County 14.1 $44,338
Centre County 18.4 $52,559
Chester County 7.0 $83,775
Clarion County 18.7 $40,043
Clearfield County 16.5 $39,912
Clinton County 14.2 $44,887
Columbia County 17.1 $45,564
Crawford County 14.4 $43,793
Cumberland County 8.6 $60,134
Dauphin County 13.8 $53,480
Delaware County 10.9 $64,186
Elk County 9.8 $46,388
Erie County 17.9 $44,223
Fayette County 19.2 $37,929
Forest County 24.5 $38,087
Franklin County 11.8 $53,913
Fulton County 12.5 $46,032
Greene County 16.3 $45,156
Huntingdon County 14.8 $42,479
Indiana County 14.7 $44,504
Jefferson County 15.5 $41,637
Juniata County 11.8 $46,183
Lackawanna County 14.8 $44,926
Lancaster County 10.5 $56,766
Lawrence County 13.8 $43,199
Lebanon County 11.2 $54,952
Lehigh County 14.2 $53,722
Luzerne County 16.1 $44,734
Lycoming County 14.0 $46,663
Mc Kean County 19.0 $41,653
Mercer County 14.1 $43,936
Mifflin County 14.5 $42,567
Monroe County 12.0 $55,273
Montgomery County 6.8 $77,021
Montour County 10.3 $53,329
Northampton Count 10.1 $59,605
Northumberland Co 14.7 $41,078
Perry County 10.2 $56,544
Philadelphia Coun 26.0 $36,918
Pike County 10.4 $60,168
Potter County 15.4 $39,781
Schuylkill County 13.6 $41,514
Snyder County 12.0 $45,558
Somerset County 12.7 $42,712
Sullivan County 14.3 $41,668
Susquehanna Count 14.4 $49,244
Tioga County 13.2 $45,052
Union County 13.5 $49,488
Venango County 15.8 $41,736
Warren County 14.2 $42,043
Washington County 10.9 $54,919
Wayne County 11.8 $45,807
Westmoreland Coun 10.7 $51,412
Wyoming County 11.3 $47,012
York County 10.8 $56,963


This post was cited in Pittsburgh's local NPR station's website.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

My 15 Minutes (5 really) of Fame at the Warhol

I did a screen test at the Warhol Museum.  He said "everyone has their 15 minutes of Fame."  The screen test was five minutes with no sound.  There is no point to the video.  Just like the countless others who have posted.  He did make a point with this image of Nixon which got him audited by the IRS but that is as close to offering a solution in his work as he got.

Warhol's art pokes fun at our culture and it's obsession with stuff.  He offered no solutions which is why I present the video below which does.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Census State Level Estimates Are Out for 2013 (Cross Post with Healthcare for All PA)

US and PA Uninsured The Census Bureau has come out with estimates from the American Community Survey of national and state level uninsured rates for 2013. County level estimates are due out in early 2015. Pennsylvania's rate has decreased from 12.0% in 2012 to 9.7% in 2013 (when the Affordable Care Act (ACA) came into effect in October of 2013). The state and national rates are now comparable to pre-recession levels in 2008. Below is a table with the rates for all states plus DC in 2013 in order of highest to lowest rates. Pennsylvania ranks 42nd, Vermont (which is backtracking on it's commitment to single payer) ranks 48th with a rate of 7.2%. As in previous estimates, Texas leads the nation with a rate of 22.1% but it is down from a high of 25.5% 2009. 

State Percent of Uninsured 2013 Margin of Error State Rank in Uninsured
TEXAS 22.1 0.2 1
NEVADA 20.7 0.6 2
FLORIDA 20.0 0.2 3
GEORGIA 18.8 0.3 4
NEW MEXICO 18.6 0.6 5
ALASKA 18.5 1.0 6
OKLAHOMA 17.7 0.3 7
CALIFORNIA 17.2 0.2 8
ARIZONA 17.1 0.4 9
MISSISSIPPI 17.1 0.5 10
LOUISIANA 16.6 0.4 11
MONTANA 16.5 0.8 12
IDAHO 16.2 0.8 13
ARKANSAS 16.0 0.5 14
SOUTH CAROLINA 15.8 0.4 15
NORTH CAROLINA 15.6 0.3 16
OREGON 14.7 0.4 17
KENTUCKY 14.3 0.3 18
COLORADO 14.1 0.3 19
INDIANA 14.0 0.3 20
UTAH 14.0 0.5 21
WASHINGTON 14.0 0.3 22
WEST VIRGINIA 14.0 0.5 23
TENNESSEE 13.9 0.3 24
ALABAMA 13.6 0.4 25
WYOMING 13.4 0.9 26
NEW JERSEY 13.2 0.2 27
MISSOURI 13.0 0.3 28
ILLINOIS 12.7 0.2 29
KANSAS 12.3 0.4 30
VIRGINIA 12.3 0.3 31
RHODE ISLAND 11.6 0.7 32
NEBRASKA 11.3 0.5 33
SOUTH DAKOTA 11.3 0.7 34
MAINE 11.2 0.5 35
MICHIGAN 11.0 0.2 36
OHIO 11.0 0.2 37
NEW HAMPSHIRE 10.7 0.5 38
NEW YORK 10.7 0.2 39
NORTH DAKOTA 10.4 0.8 40
MARYLAND 10.2 0.3 41
CONNECTICUT 9.4 0.4 43
DELAWARE 9.1 0.7 44
WISCONSIN 9.1 0.2 45
MINNESOTA 8.2 0.3 46
IOWA 8.1 0.3 47
VERMONT 7.2 0.6 48
HAWAII 6.7 0.4 50

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gruber Healthcare Hearing: "Are You Stupid?"

Lost in the coverage of the Senate torture report and the demonstrations on the deaths Mike Brown and Eric Garner (which are important stories for a change) was the congressional testimony of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber.  He was caught on tape saying that the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare or ACA) had to be sold as a non-tax because of the "stupidity" of the American voter. 

When he appeared before a congressional committee he was asked directly "Are you stupid?"  He politely apologized for his comments but is there really any doubt that he meant it at the time.  He was recorded on several occasions saying it.  Was he referring to his perceived stupidity of the Tea Party voter or the Single Payer voter?  Maybe both.  Gruber did work with Mitt Romney when he was governor of Massachusetts

I have cited many surveys which indicate the both the Tea Party voter and the rest of the electorate are not as stupid as Gruber believes.  The polls have consistently suggested that the individual mandate was the least popular part of the ACA.  The other provisions, expanding Medicaid, banning the denial of coverage for preexisting conditions and subsidies for low incomes to buy insurance are popular among all Democrats, Independents and Republican voters.  Pretty consistently, if one adds those who support a better bill (i.e. Single Payer) to those who support the ACA, one has a majority.

Of course Republicans are not above relying on the perceived stupidity of the voter to get things passed too such as pushing the imaginary Iraq-Al Qaeda-9/11 connection to the US public to sell a disastrous invasion in 2003.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

I Know I've Been Away

I've been busy with teaching and working.  There have been lots of things to blog about but a lot of these things, ISIS, health care, the election, and immigration are things I've written about before.  I haven't written as much on topics related to Ferguson, Missouri and racism.  I missed PodCamp this year because I was so busy.  I will to be back now that the semester is ending.  Those of you who follow the blog on Facebook and Twitter may have noticed me posting about my friend David Roberts who passed away from Brain Cancer and his family is now raising money to cover medical debts.  Happy Holidays to all!  I leave you all with a video of my recent trip to Maine of the oldest lighthouse in the US.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Health Care and the 2014 Election in Pennsylvania

Gov. Corbett has conceded defeat in this years gubernatorial race with 55% of the vote as of this posting.  The NBC exit poll asked voters a variety of questions which showed Governor Elect Tom Wolf winning almost every demographic in the state: males, females, young, middle age.  Corbett and Wolf evenly split the 65+ age group.  Of most interest for Healthcare for All PA is the question on voters opinion of the Affordable Care Act as can be seen below.  47% thought it “went too far”, 23% thought it “Was about right”, and 27% thought it “did not go far enough”.  If you add the those who said “Did not go far enough” to those who thought it “Was about right” there is a 50% majority for universal health care with more than half of those wanting a better bill.

Did not go far enough27%82%18%
Was about right23%89%11%
Went too far47%27%73%

These results are consistent with the exit poll for Pennsylvania from 2012 as well as national polls on the Affordable Care Act as can be seen in the related posts below.