Saturday, March 1, 2014

Thomas Merton Center’s New Economy Working Group to Convene a Celebration of Pittsburgh’s New Economy March 20-22, 2014

The New Economy Working Group is having a celebration of innovators with panels, workshops, and awards on March 20-22 at Baker Hall on the Carnegie Mellon University Campus and other locations.  Details are below.  A single payer system is integral to a new/more efficient economy as Dr. Gerald Friedman showed in his economic impact study.

REGISTER for these FREE EVENTS here:
>>> Thursday March 20 - NEWG Sponsors MARCH GREEN DRINKS !

>>> Friday March 21 - Seminar with Gar Alperovitz:

>>> Friday March 21 - Evening Discussion with Gar Alperovitz:

>>> Saturday March 22 - All-Day Events:

A showcase of Pittsburghers’ efforts to create an economy where the benefits are equitably shared between business employees or employee-owners, stakeholders, and host communities; creates strong, nurturing social ties; and replenishes nature.

See http://www.NEWGPGH.WORDPRESS.COM/ for more information on the Pittsburgh New Economy Working Group.

A featured appearance from Gar Alperovitz, a leading voice in the nationwide new economy movement.
People who attended October 2013's "Unconference" are planning resources, projects, and event activities now.

THURSDAY MAR 20: NEWG sponsors "Green Drinks" 5-9 PM @ The Map Room
FRIDAY MAR 21: 2 PM @ Frick Fine Arts Building, PITT
FRIDAY MAR 21: 5 PM @ CMU Baker Hall Adamson Wing
SATURDAY MAR 22: 9 AM - 4 PM @ CMU Baker Hall Giant Eagle Auditorium


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