Friday, May 30, 2014

Healthcare is a Human Right Concert, June 7

State board member Mike Stout (pictured below) and the Human Union Band will be holding a Health Care is a Human Right concert on June 7. The press release is below with a preview of their new song.

PRESS RELEASE: Legendary Rock Concert for Social Justice in
Mike Stout and The Human Union in Concert to
debut song “Health Care is a Human Right” (previewed below)
and shine a light on the single-payer movement
8:30pm on June 7th 2014 @ First Unitarian
Church of Pittsburgh
605 Morewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
"In the Woody Guthrie tradition, his songs reflect contemporary issues without resorting
to journalism. They're more like partisan op-ed columns that grab political opponents by
the throat and don't let go." - John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
On Saturday, June 7th, 2014, the legendary rock band, Mike Stout and the Human
Union, will perform a politically-charged show at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh.
Known for drawing large crowds to Pittsburgh venues such as Club Cafe and Frick Fine
Arts, he also tours internationally to festival-sized audiences. On the evening of June
7th, he’ll debut a special song to his hometown crowd entitled, “Health Care is a
Human Right.”
The song is perhaps the world’s first single-payer universal health care anthem and
appropriately, all proceeds of the show go to Health Care 4 All PA – a nonprofit devoted
to achieving a single-payer health care system in PA. The group has been recognized
nationally for their promotion of a PA single-payer system in places such as Huffington
Post and The New York Times.
Stout’s June 7th concert will also premiere a brand new music video for the featured
song at the start of the show. Other songs performed will include social justice anthems
around anti-fracking, jobs, and peace.
For advanced tickets, reservations, or inquiries, contact Mike Stout at:
(412) 461-5650 or


You can see Mike Stout and the Human Union Band performing a tribute to the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire of 1913.