Thursday, February 12, 2015

Post Inspiration from Facebook, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert.

Inspiration for a post can come from anyplace for me: a discussion, a news story, or anything else that seems worth investigating.  I posted the above photo on a more conservative Facebook friend's page. A lively debate on exactly what percentage of climate scientists believe in the evidence supporting climate change.  

Another place I often draw on for inspiration is Comedy Central's The Daily Show and the now defunct Colbert Report (it's replacement, Larry Wilmore has potential and may be a future source).  Stewart had originally studied science when he was an undergrad at William and Mary.  He was able to employ the critical thinking skills gained from science in his method of hosting the show and in choosing a wide variety of guests not seen on commercial television. 

Out of 230 posts on this blog, a keyword search turned up 31 post for The Daily Show.  A simple search for Colbert turned up an additional 32 posts.  Granted there is some overlap in the posts between the two shows.  There are nine posts where both Colbert and Stewart appear.  Subtracting that nine that leaves 54 posts where either Stewart or Colbert appear (31 for Stewart plus 32 for Colbert minus 9 for posts where both appear).  Dividing the 53 posts by the total of 230 on this page, that means either of that these two shows appear in 23% of the posts on this page.

It may be time for these two shows to move on but it's important to acknowledge the contributions that these man have made to this blog.  They have provided valuable insights which greatly supported this blog.  This is our moment of Zen.

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