Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Past and Present Clinton Drama

While much has been made of the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War and the 70th anniversary of the end of the Nazi Germany.  Future battles loom over the successor of the first African American president.  While the aforementioned historical events are infinitely more interesting it is important to look back at how we were introduced to the Clinton's 23 years ago.

In early 1992 President Bush was thought to be unbeatable due his "triumph" in the Persian Gulf War but his poll numbers were slipping due to the economy.  Clinton was running to challenge the President but was dogged by allegations of marital infidelity and draft dodging.  Fox news did not yet exist, Rush Limbaugh was just bursting onto the national scene, and  Roger Ailes (now head of Fox News) was considered a genius for getting George Bush elected with the Willie Horton ads which were Lee Atwater's idea (he later apologized to Michael Dukakis before he died in 1991).  The Clinton's responded be going on 60 Minutes to present their case. 

How much and how little has changed today. Hillary Clinton has to defend herself against frivolous charges (Benghazi) from the right while having little real competition from the left and our problems don't really get solved.  The stage where the game is played changes but the outcome has been the same without people working for real change.  The Kyl-Liberman in 2007 was a call to curtail Iranian violence inside Iraq in  2007.  In 2016 we are likely to have another contest between a Bush and a Clinton unless there is a seismic shift in political discourse in the next few moinths.

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