Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A General Profile on Utah & PA

Having been in Utah for one month, I thought I would give my readers a brief introduction to the state.  I haven't seen the arch above it's in the South of Utah.  I have seen plenty of views like the one on the left from where I work at the VA in Salt Lake City.

Unlike Pennsylvania the population of the state has been growing.  It picked up one seat in the US Congress in the last Census whereas Pennsylvania has been steadily losing seats for decades from a high of 36 in 1920 to 18 today.  Pennsylvania has been evenly divided politically but Utah has been solidly Republican since 1964.  The election map from 2012 shows that Republicans had more than 60% of the vote in all but 4 counties in Utah.  Democrats won 14 out of the 67 counties in PA while carrying the state. 

We all know about the state being founded by Mormons (they call themselves LDS or Latter Day Saints) in the 19th century who were fleeing religious persecution in the east.  Pennsylvania was founded by the Quakers (who call themselves the society of friends) fleeing persecution in England.  Utah has retained it's Mormon majority while PA has become more religiously diverse.  

I did a profile of poverty in Pennsylvania where the Census Bureau  estimated the rate at 13.7% in 2013 while Utah's was significantly lower at 12.6% while the uninsured rate in Utah was higher.  The differences are as glaring as the similarities.

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