Friday, July 3, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal

Watching the US beat Colombia 2-0, China 1-0, and then Germany 2-0 in the Women's World Cup one may feel proud just as I was proud watching Lance Armstrong only to find out later that he was a fraud or Detroit Tiger fans rooting for Ty Cobb at the turn of the century only to find out later that he was an abusive racist.  We love to put our heroes on pedestals and are shocked when we find out the truth and don't want to believe it (the "say if ain't so Joe" effect).

Hope Solo, the US goalkeeper who has only allowed one goal so far may lead the US team to their first WC win since 1999.  She is accused of assaulting her half sister and her nephew last summer and had a restraining order placed against her as a senior in high school.  The evidence against her seems strong in the video clip at the top of the post.  The Rachel Maddow has been cheering the US women on her blog and her show with no mention of Solo's legal troubles while she criticized the NFL for it's lackadaisical response to the domestic abuse of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.  

Reliable statistics on domestic violence can be hard to come by especially when victims do not want to come forward.  The studies that have been done suggest that women are victims more often than men.  One study estimates that 1.5 million women and 834,732 men are victims annuallyWomen can be abusers of children and their partners, again probably to a lesser extent than men.  There may be a cultural bias that women cannot be abusers like men are

FIFA (the governing body of world soccer with many of it's leaders under indictment for corruption) and US Soccer also doesn't want to punish Solo because she is one of their major stars.  She is one of women's soccer's few money makers in endorsements and merchandising. 

The male game in soccer and the NFL has many stars who can take the place of one bad apple like Ray Rice. The women's game is trying to increase interest throughout the world.  FIFA head Sepp Blatter has talked about improving the profile of the women's game by giving them tighter fitting clothes.  With the right public pressure NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did the right thing with respect to domestic abusing players in his league.  What will it take for women's soccer?


The  US women's team defeated Japan 5-2 in the World Cup Final.  It had the largest US TV audience ever for a soccer game.  The US team was only paid a fraction of the men's World Cup winning team, Germany.  It's pretty clear that the US could not have made it to the final without Hope Solo.  The win at all costs mentality prevails.

The domestic violence charges against Solo have been reinstated.

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Prominent Pinckneys in South Carolina Politics

President Obama gave a nice eulogy to the Rev. and South Carolina State Senator Clementa Pinckney on Friday after he laid in state at the South Carolina State Capitol.  He was the first African American to have such an honor after being gunned down by white supremacist Dylann Roof.  While Rev. Pinckney was the first African American to have such an honor he is not the first Pinckney to be prominent in South Carolina politics. 

Two generations before the Civil War and the Confederate Flag, Thomas Pinckney served as Governor of the Palmetto state from 1787 to 1789.  He also served in the Revolution and the War of 1812.  He was appointed by President George Washington (a fellow slave holder) as ambassador to Great  Britain and negotiated Pinckney's treaty with Spain in 1795 which guaranteed navigation rights for the US (for slave trading) and defined the borders of Louisiana and Florida.  In 1796 he lost to Thomas Jefferson (another slave owner) for the Vice Presidency which in those days went to the second place finisher for the Presidency in the electoral college. 
Thomas Pinckney was succeeded as governor of South by his cousin Charles Pinckney who was present at the constitutional convention in 1787.  At the convention he submitted a clause that required that fugitive slaves be returned to their owners.  He served two additional terms as governor one term as senator.  When not in office he was involved in the slave trade. 

Yet another Charles Pinckney was another prominent Pinckney Charles Coatesworth Pinckney.  Like his younger brother Thomas, he was active in the Revolutionary War under George Washington.  He later served with his cousin Charles at the Constitutional Constitutional Convention.  He helped broker the compromise there that ended the slave trade in 1808 and gave the Senate the power to ratify treaties.  He also advocated counting slaves as one person in the Census (while still denying them their freedom).  They ended up counting them as 3/5 or 60% of a person.  President Washington offered him the position of Secretary of War (now Secretary of Defense) but he accepted appointment as ambassador to France where he was part of the XYZ affair where he was offered a bribe by Napoleon's Agents.  The Federalist Party nominated him to run for Vice President in 1800 but he lost to Aaron Burr.  He was nominated for President by the Federalist Party in 1804 but he lost to fellow slave holder Thomas Jefferson.  The Federalists nominated him again for President in 1808 but he lost to another slave owner from Virginia named James Madison.

I don't know if Reverend Pinckney is related to these three aformentioned Pinckneys and there may be no way of knowing.  Sometimes slaves took the surname of their masters.  It's possible that those other three Pinckney's have living African American descendants today just as Thomas Jefferson does. This is their shared heritage whether Dylann Roof wants to admit it or not.  

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