Sunday, August 9, 2015

What Would a Trump Presidency Look Like?

The first debate is now over.  The two hour prime time debate with 10 candidates at best would allow 12 minutes for each candidate to speak (assuming Fox News would allocate time equally). It will take 3 days to a week before we know what impact it will have, if any, on the race. To gain an idea on what a Trump presidency one only need look at former 3 time Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi

Newly retired Jon Stewart and soon to be Late Show host Stephen Colbert did lots of segments on both billionaires.  For a retrospective I'll present two of the Berlusconi clips from 2011.  He is now under house arrest with pending legal investigations. Trump so far has not been convicted of a crime but there have been rape allegations by his first wife and several insults made against women and minorities just like Berlusconi which are not worth repeating here.  A quick search of amazon didn't turn up any books critical of Trump partly because he sues and attacks his critics, most recently Megyn Kelly.  Hopefully he won't go after me.


NBC came out with an online SurveyMonkey poll today which shows that Trumps lead has changed little with a small bounce for outsider candidates like Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina.  The survey had a sample size of 3,551 and was taken from August 7-8.  They used weighting methods to correct for any sampling biases in the online sample.  It remains to be seen if this result will be seen in polls with more traditional phone methodologies.

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