Sunday, September 6, 2015

Campaign Finance Candidate Lawrence Lessig Enters the Race

In a follow up to my post on the 2016 Facebook & Twitter Primaries, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig announced that if he were able to raise $1,000,000 he would announce that he is running for the Democratic nomination for President to overturn Citizens United with a constitutional amendment.  If and when he succeeds in this endeavor as President he will resign.

He has reached that fundraising goal and will officially announce.  This would make him the seventh candidate on the Democratic side (sixth if Joe Biden decides not to run).  In the interest of full disclosure I support Bernie Sanders for President but I like Lessig's efforts to raise awareness of this issue. 

Lessig has no poll data as of this posting but he does have 2,559 Facebook followers (1,179 of whom are engaged) and 1,128 Twitter followers.  Time will tell if Lessig can catch up to the other candidates and can enter the debates.  According to the regression model for Twitter and Facebook followers he would need about 100,000 followers on both sites just to get to 1% in the polls.  Will his $1 mlllion help him get there and on the debates?  Below is an interview he gave on Democracy Now! **Related Posts**

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