Saturday, November 28, 2015

Global Data Competition Winner

Three weeks ago I posted about our submission to the Global Data competition Phase 2. There were 9 teams from all over the US and Asia.  Projects were scored on a through scale on a topic related to global warming.  I am very grateful for my teammates Jim Lohse, Jackson and Nikki Pontsler, and Nimesh Jha for their support.  The summary of our analysis can be seen here.

In Phase 1 there was contestants were given a series of satellite photos from Mars and asked to decide whether a volcano was depicted.  The team or individual with most accurate classification was the winner.  Jianmin Sun of West Jordan, UT won with an accuracy of 99.8769.

The winner of the Global Data Competition Phase 1 and 2 were announced at the Intermountain Big Data Conference on Nov 21.  Our team, Captain Paul's R-eality was lised as the winner.  My summary of the analysis can be seen here.

I received this tweet on Sunday. 

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