Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Inside the Democratic Poll Numbers and Jon Stewart Returns

In the same CNN poll that gave Trump a 20% lead, Hillary Clinton had a 58% to 30% to 2% lead over Sanders and O'Malley.  The last CNN poll included Vice President Joe Biden.  Clinton had the largest gain after Biden's exit at 13% followed by Sanders at 1%.  The poll asked their voters who they believed would best handle the economy, health care, climate change, foreign policy, and ISIS.  Republicans were asked about who could handle the economy, illegal immigration, foreign policy, ISIS, and the federal budget.

On the economy Clinton had a 10% gain, Sanders had a 2% gain since October to lead 58% to 31% over Sanders.  On health care (Clinton leads 58% to 33%) and climate change (Clinton leads 49% to 36%) Clinton had a 6% gain and Sanders had a 7% gain.  On foreign policy Clinton leads Sanders 74% to 17% with a 12% gain for Clinton and a 8% gain for Sanders.  For ISIS Clinton leads Sanders 59% to 25%.  

Clinton leads Sanders 74% to 17% on who has the best chance of winning in Nov 2016 (though head to head polls with Republicans don't bear that out).  Clinton leads Sanders 47%-44% on who would do most to help the middle class.  Clinton leads Sanders on who can best handle the responsibilities of commander in chief.  This was the first CNN poll where these questions were asked.

In a subset of democratic voters, Sanders does somewhat better among male voters (34%) than female (26%) and among white (32%) than non-white (28%).  Younger voters (usually Sanders strongest supporters) are not listed in the poll.  Sanders does better among voters earning less than $50k (35%) than those earning more than $50k (25%) and (unlike Trump among the Republicans) among those with a college degree (33%) compared to those who do not (28%).  Sanders also fares better among independent voters (40%) that Democratic (25%) and among liberal voters (42%) than among moderate (26%).  Sanders also fares better among urban voters (33%) than among suburban (24%).

Five years ago Jon Stewart hosted a panel on his show of 9/11 four responders on his show about how Congress is blocking a bill to assist then with their health care issues.  I posted it on my all time most popular post.  I repost the discussion here.

The act is now up for renewal and Congress is again holding it up. Last night on the Daily Show, Stewart returned to host the same panel of four.  Only one of the original four was able to attend.  One had died and the other two were too sick to attend.  Politics is supposed to be about people and what is best for them.  

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