Friday, April 1, 2016

In Johnstown, PA to Organize for Bernie

My blogging has been interrupted by relocating from Utah to my hometown of Johnstown, PA.  Bernie Sanders won a resounding victory in red state Utah with almost 80% of the vote to I contributed but did not vote.  Here in Johnstown, there is no volunteer group for Bernie so I have to start from scratch to get one going.  

You may say that it's hopeless for Sanders here in PA and especially in Johnstown, Pa but he has won 6 out of the last 7 contests, is leading in Wisconsin and is catching up to Hillary Clinton in New York.  Plus here in Pennsylvania Sanders drew a crown of 8 to 10,000 in the David L. Lawrence convention center in Pittsburgh yesterday.  

True there are barriers to him winning in Pennsylvania that did not exist in other states.  The primary is a closed primary where only registered Democrats can vote and Sanders tends to do better among registered independents.  Also the deadline to register to vote was on March 28 with the primary on April 26, almost a full month in advance.  In Utah a voter could register on election day and change his or her party affiliation at that time.  I believe that these obstacles can be overcome. 

One group with whom he has struggled is African Americans, especially in the South.  In the state of Michigan, the exit polls suggest that Sanders did better with this group (28%) than he did in Mississippi on the same day (11%).  Pennsylvania does have a sizable African American population at 11.6% of the total while Michigan has 14.3%Sanders will have to do better among this group as well as among other registered Democrats here in PA to win but we have momentum on our side and the ones who hear his ideas will warm up to them.

To try to make this happen in Johnstown there will be a meeting of volunteers for Bernie Sanders  on April 7 from 7-9 at:

Panera Bread  (in the conference room)
Richland Shopping Plaza 
400 Towne Center Dr 
Johnstown, PA 15904 

Please RSVP at:

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