Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Raging Chicken Press Interview

I was interviewed on a Pennsylvania progressive podcast called Raging Chicken Press on recent posts on this blog related to the election and the concentration of hate groups in Pennsylvania and the US.  The audio podcast is above and the youtube video of it can be seen below.  It was conducted at a coffee shop (the Mill House Cafe` in Johnstown) and there is some background noise.

Founded in April 2011,  Raging Chicken Press has been a conduit for progressive voices in Pennsylvania.    It is run by Kevin Mahoney, a Professor at Kutztown University.  The name of the site comes from the tower at Kutztown University which is looked at from a certain angle, resembles an angry chicken as can be seen in the photo at the left.  .I encourage you all to check out his site.

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