Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Pre-Debate, Pre Blog Anniversary Post

It was fun comparing my high school graduating class to the class of '16 at Bishop McCort, but now I feel that I need to weigh in the election.  Since the conventions the candidates have been focusing on things like Trump's personality and temperament which I admit are pretty scary but I'm hearing little discussion of issues.  The campaign ad below shows Republicans rightly denouncing Trump.  The ad appears to be trying to get Republicans to vote for her or for the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.  Sanders did get some concessions from Clinton on the public option and the $15/hour minimum wage in the party platform but I'm hearing little discussion of it from her now.  The closer the race gets the more she needs Sanders supporters.

On a side note Bernie Sanders has sat down for an interview for The Nation magazine on the status of his movement since the conventions. In it he argued that a Trump presidency would be a disaster for the nation and the world.  It's hard to argue against that.

My last comment is in response to a letter to the editor in The Tribune-Democrat titled "Nation Closer to Socialism than Many Believe."  In it Jackie Clark argues that the US is on a slippery slope towards socialism following Central and South American countries such as Venezuela and Brazil.  Clark argues that the socialism is just a precursor to establishing Soviet style communism.  

Clark neglects to mention that most European nations have embraced some form of democratic socialism for the past 70 to 100 years and are showing no signs of sliding into communism.  Indeed the communism that existed behind the iron curtain during the Cold War was imposed on them by the Soviets and fell apart quickly as the USSR did.  If they really intended to become communist they would have done it by now. 

As far as suppressing freedom goes, the Scandinavian countries are in a better position to take personal initiative in creating businesses as they do not need to worry about health care, child care, and education expenses.  The difficulties in Venezuela, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and others are more due to the global financial crisis (due to unfettered capitalism), to the decline in global oil prices, and to good old fashioned corruption.

The last three paragraphs will be submitted to the Tribune Democrat in response.  I'll let you know if it is published.  Next up, the 6th anniversary post.

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