Monday, October 24, 2016

Cambria State Senate and House Races:

This upcoming election is pivotal.  Not just at the Presidential level but also at the State and Local level.  The current makeup of the PA State Senate is 31 Republicans and 19 Democrats.  With a pickup of 3 out of 50 seats (6% of the total senate seats) for the Republicans there, they will be able to block Gov. Wolf's appointees.  The State House has 119 Republicans and 84 Democrats.  With a gain of 17 seats out of 203 (8% of the total) total the Republicans will also have a veto proof majority.  With a veto proof majority in both houses of the legislature the GOP will be able to ram through legislation without the Governor's support.

Here in Cambria, Clearfield, and Bedford County we have one hotly contested State Senate race between Ed Cernic (D)(Pictured Above) and Wayne Langerholc (R) (in the video above at the Trump rally).  This race could have a big  influence on whether the GOP gains the supermajority in the state Senate.  This is because as there is no incumbent in the race.  Ed Cernic have worked as the Controller for Cambria County since 2004 and has been their fiscal watchdog improving the efficiency of services.  His opponent, Langerholc, has refused to denounce the derogatory comments that Donald Trump has made about women and minorities and has refused several offers to debate Cernic (even though he has served as assistant District Attorney for Cambria County who is responsible to argue cases).  

There are 3 state house races here in Cambria County that are key to the Republicans getting a super majority.  In the state house 73rd district, Democrat Fred Weaver is challenging incumbent Tommy Sankey (R).  Weaver is a progressive who supports an increased minimum wage and increased rights of workers to unionize.

In the PA House 72nd district, Frank Burns (D) is another economic progressive incumbent who is being challenged by tea party Republican Cecelia Houser.  In the 71st district incumbent Democrat Bryan Barbin is also being challenged by tea party Republican Mark Amsdell.  Amsdell & Houser are pictured below with at the Trump rally last Friday.  Judging from their photos they have no problem with Trump's comments either.
Amsdell with Trump on his Facebook page.
Houser at the Trump Rally

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