Thursday, January 26, 2017

#100DaysofUs Follow up: 2 of 6 Friends Win

On Inauguration Day the sprout fund announced the winners of the #100DaysofUS competition.  25 grants were awarded out of 150 applicants, a rate of 16.7%.  A total of $125,000 dollars were given out.  Donations made it possible to give out five extra grants.  

Of the 6 proposals that I featured two weeks ago, two were selected: Public Source's reporting on the Trump administration's effect on the Pittsburgh area and Moriah Ella Mason's project on protecting Muslims from discrimination and profiling.  That gives a success rate of 33.3% which is double the overall rate of success.  Public Source did thank me for posting and said it helped them win.  I thought I'd take a deeper look into the analytics for that page to see what role that it might have played.  

According to Google Analytics, my post was viewed 75 times from the time it was posted on January 13 to the deadline on January 19.  There were 26 unique pageviews.  The average time on the page was 24 seconds.  The Pittsburgh area had 34 pageviews, 13 unique pageviews, and an average time on page of less than one second.  The Johnstown-Altoona Metro area had the highest average time on the page at 32 seconds followed by Savannah Georgia at 19 seconds.  

I don't know how many viewers voted and contributed on the #100Daysof US campaign but I'm very happy for the winners.  A strong social media presence was critical to receiving grants from the Sprout fund.

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