Monday, November 19, 2018

Voter Turnout Reflects change in Voting Patterns in 2018 Cambria County (PA)

A report was released today by Keystone Crossroads showing how voter turnout increased from 43% in 2014 (the last midterm election) to 58% this year.  These numbers are for the percentage of registered voters who voted.  For my county, 50,184 voters out of 83,338 registrants voted for a turnout of 60.22%.  If one considers the total eligible voting age population of 107,485 (2017 estimate), the turnout rate was 46.7% which is still high for a midterm election.  The turnout for the 2016 election (63,072) was 58.2% in Cambria County by this measure (108,400 elegible voters in 2016).

Before the election I wrote about how voter registration patterns have changed since 2014 for Cambria and Somerset Counties.  The colors in the above map show how voter turnout changed since 2014 with counties having a larger increase having a darker color green.  Blair County having the largest increase in turnout of those registered.  The Keystone Crossroads article does not state what the 2014 numbers were for each county but it does state that there was an increase for each of the state's 67 counties.  

The lighter colors for Cambria and Somerset counties suggest that the increases for there were not as large as for other counties but does not say exactly by how much.  Looking at the county results, Sen. Casey and Gov. Wolf lost these counties while winning the state.  For Cambria County, Republicans picked up one state house seat while and almost won two while Democrats gained statewide.  The increases in voter registration for Republicans in Cambria County coupled with a lower increase in voter turnout suggest that there is a shift in voting patterns among voters there.  

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