Monday, March 5, 2018

Nonviolent Movements In Western PA? If You Know of One Let them Know

Iraq Body Count of Violent Civilian Deaths In Iraq Since 2003
I have been swamped with work and consulting and haven't been able to post here.  I should have time in the next few weeks.  There have been various online researchers who collect data from the public to describe a social phenomena.  Iraq Body Count relied on crowd sourcing to track civilian deaths in Iraq since the US invaded in March 2003.  Their current estimate ranges from 180,000 to 202,000 civilians for civilians and 268,000 death including combatants.  The researchers for this site admit that this count is low but the trends in the graph above reflect the most violent periods in the war: The initial invasion, The height of the Sunni Insurgency in 2006 and 2007 and the invasion of ISIS in 2014-2017.

Nonviolent resistance movements chronicled.
There were lots of protests against the Iraq war world wide.  The website Non Violent Resistance, created by George Lakey in 2011 at Swarthmore College, describes more than 1000 campaigns for social justice throughout history and the world.  The oldest movement mentioned is in ancient Egypt in 1170 BC when laborers went on strike for pay.  Looking at the above map it looks really crowded.  There are four movements mentioned from antiquity. 

Non Violent Movements in Pennsylvania
Looking at the map above it looks really crowded.  However when one zooms into a local area (such as my home state of Pennsylvania, where Swarthmore is located, as seen above), it looks more sparse.  If you are aware of movements for social change that are not included please let them know at

Next I will write on the Southern Poverty Law Center's new hate group map.

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