Thursday, April 26, 2018

How we see the world when we're young and old

I have an Op Ed posted in yesterday's Johnstown Tribune-Democrat on how the number of hate groups in Pennsylvania have decreased in 2016 and how the numbers look even better for the state if you adjust them for population.  The response on Facebook has been generally positive with a few negative comments that basically state that "Why are only right wing groups listed as hate groups."  The image below from Facebook shows that of the 1,526 people who saw the post: 31 either liked or loved it, 166 clicked on it, 6 people commented (myself included, some more than once), two hid the post from their timeline, and one shared it on their timeline. I don't know the age breakdown of those who responded.

I remember when I was a substitute teacher in third grade, one girl held out a card to me and said "FBI!"  Watching James Comey be interviewed by George Stephanopoulos made me think of that girl.  She's too young to hear about J. Edgar Hoover, Stormy Daniels, or the Trump pee tape.  What would it be like for her to conduct her first investigation?  I wonder what it would have been like for her to interview James Comey. What would she think of Trump's tweets about him?  Would her thoughts be different from the responses to my article?

We have our beliefs and it can be uncomfortable when they are challenged.  My mom would have been crushed to hear about the crimes that Bill Cosby has been accused and now convicted of.  It can be sobering to see people's reaction to information that may challenge what they believe these beliefs.  Sometimes the responses are sobering when childlike.  Other times they can be an indication that you are on to something.  The positive feedback can be reassuring.  One must evaluate all the responses to get a clear picture.


Thinking about the Cosby verdict I'm reminded of this interview that Groucho Marx gave to Bill Cosby in the 70's when I was a kid.  Looking at it now I wonder if Marx knew something we didn't.
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