Friday, September 21, 2018

New Sports and Math Post On Darply and an Update on Trump's Approval Ratings

I have a new post on sports and statistics on the news site Darply. Featured prominently in this article is former Baltimore Ravens center John Urschel who retired from the NFL to pursue a PhD at MIT in Mathematics.  You can see another interview he recently gave on Amanpour and Company at the link below.  

John Urschel | Video | Amanpour: Walter Isaacson sits down with John Urschel, a rising star who walked away from a lucrative football career in the NFL to pursue a doctorate in mathematics at MIT.  

As a Steeler fan and a statistician I must say I'm glad he retired.


I also have an update on Trump's approval ratingsHis ratings have taken a 2%-3% dip in the events surrounding the convictions of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen and Sen John McCain's funeral.  It's worth noting but still not in Nixon territory for impeachment to happen.  Things have been hectic for me lately but I will begin work on my 8th anniversary post.

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