Sunday, April 28, 2019

Happy 10th Birthday for Data Journalism

I came across this article on on how the field of data journalism has evolved over the last ten years. It is an interview with Simon Rogers, a data editor at Google News Lab.  He started out at the Guardian newspaper of London in 2009 as the founder of their data blog.   He had a new job title, Data Editor.  They started out with 47 data sets.  That number grew exponentially.

As the amount of available data increased, techniques of data visualization likewise increased.  The above chart shows how people across the world searched for and were informed about the Paris terrorist attacks in the 24 hours after the attacks.  The questions asked in the Paris area were very different than those asked in other parts of the world.

Data Journalism Awards received received 471 entries in 2016.  Last year it received over 700 from across the world.  I was one to submit one of the 608 projects from 62 countries for 2019 from this site.  The shortlist will be revealed in May.  

As this site was created in September 2010 I do not feel that far behind the curve from Simon Rogers and Nate Silver in terms of experience.  I am happy to enlighten my corner of the world on the insights that data can provide.  Above is a talk by Simon Rogers on Data Journalism.

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