Saturday, September 28, 2019

9th Anniversary Post: Evaluating the Domain Name

The 9th anniversary of CSI without Dead Bodies is upon us/me.  It has been a hectic year where I purchased a domain name for this blog.  The number of users per month for the last year when the domain name was bought are summarized in the blue line in the graph below.  The number of users for the previous year are summarized in the orange line below.

Overall there was a 128.8% increase in the number of users in the past year (mostly in the first three months of last year).  Likewise there was a 130.21% and a 129.06% increase in the number of new users and sessions respectively.  There was a slight increase in the number of sessions per user (0.11%).  However there was only a 20.65% increase in the number of pageviews and a 47.33% decrease in the number of pages per session.  There was a smaller decrease in the average session duration but a larger increase in the bounce rate.  This suggests that while the number of users has increased, the level of engagement hasn't.  

Looking at the countries where the users came from, there was a 4,426.09% increase from India, a 2,400% increase from Nigeria, a 2,000% increase from Bangladesh but an 85.13% increase from the United States.  Looking at the United States, there was a one second increase in the average session duration.  There was a decrease in the pages per session in the US but It was higher there (1.85 pages per session) than it was in the page overall (1.71 pages per session).  This suggests that the low engagement comes from outside the US which makes sense as most of my posts are about the US.

I counted 50 posts to the blog in the last year.  With 415 total posts on the blog over the last nine years, that averages out to 46.1 posts per year so it has been a productive year.  I will continue the domain name from google to promote my blog. On to the tenth year.

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