Thursday, November 14, 2019

Medicare for All is a "Top/Important Priority" in Pennsylvania

I saw this article by a Julian Routh of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette where he reports on a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Cook Political Report of voters in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin called The Blue Wall Project.  He highlights their responses to questions on implementing a Medicare for All System and on banning fracking as warning signs for progressives.  He sites that 57% of PA voters believe that an outright ban on hydraulic fracturing or fracking is a "bad idea."  Also he says that 56% of swing voters believe that Medicare for All is a bad idea.

I went back to look at the raw results for the survey to see where he found those numbers.  For starters this was a long survey administered by telephone (8%), computer assisted telephone interviewing or CATI (6%), and online (86%) with 3,222 respondents.  752 respondents were in Pennsylvania.  They were offered $2 as a pre-incentive.  Hispanics were offered an additional $10 for completing the survey.  There were 36 questions followed by demographic questions.

The items that Routh cites were items 23g and 23f for fracking and Medicare for all respectively.  Survey item #4 asked respondents what the top priority should be for Congress in the upcoming year.  Item 4d asked: "Implementing a national Medicare-for-all plan, in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan."  For Pennsylvania, 54% of all respondents said that this was either a top priority (26%) or an important (28%) thing.  

The length of this suggests that their may be a fatigue effect.  Also the wording of the question may bias the result.  Respondents were paid to encourage them to complete the survey.  

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