Monday, January 13, 2020

Endorsement Deals Help Elite Athletes in College Football

It's interesting that college football is having it's 150th anniversary and the NFL is having it's 100th anniversary in the same year.  Personally I believe that a rematch of Green Bay and Kansas City would be a fitting match up for the Super Bowl as they were the first two teams to meet in the big game.  

Heisman Winner Johnny Manziel

As I write this LSU and Clemson are playing for college football's national championship.  Many of these players in the game and many players not in the game hope to play or coach in the Super Bowl someday.  Recently the governor of California signed a law allowing college players to accept sponsorship deals while in college which is banned by the NCAA.

A recent ESPN documentary discusses the issue of players getting paid.  College coaches are now paid in the millions of dollars which is close to NFL coaches.  I personally believe that, ideally, the NFL and NBA should have a farm club system like the NHL and MLB.  The first two leagues mentioned in the last sentence get lots talent from college sports for free.  Using a farm club system would take a lot of the hypocrisy out of college sports.  

The players are supposed to be there to get an education.  While they are there they should have enough to live on but sponsorship deals would most likely go to the elite players while the average players would get the scraps.  

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