Thursday, September 24, 2020

"Wuthering Depths in Johnstown: By the Numbers" Is Now Out and the PPF Medicaid March.

My book is now out in local bookstores and can be ordered at Made in Somerset County, PA.  It is now available to purchase at Classic Elements on Main Street, the Bottle Works in Cambria City, the Chameleon Bookstore next to Central Park in Johnstown, AT Merchant in the Galleria Mall, the Book Nook in Indiana, PA, and IUP's bookstore.  I am working on getting it into more book stores.  The book tells the story of Johnstown with numbers. It looks at trends in population, politics, health, education, social media, and in non-profits.

The book will not be available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for order.  Jeff Bezos has enough money.  This blog already shows Amazon Books through their affiliate program. 

In addition to my work on the book, the group Put People First will have its annual Medicaid March in Downtown Johnstown on September 29.  The flyer is listed below.  Next week will be the tenth anniversary post for this blog.

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