Wednesday, September 29, 2021

COVID Deaths Rising in Cambria County and my 11th Anniversary Post.

The 11th anniversary of this blog has snuck up on me with all my other tasks in life.  I have still been tracking the coronavirus numbers in Cambria County with alarm.  The pandemic has preoccupied my posts since the first case was reported here on March 23, 2020 so I thought I would take a look at how it has impacted the blog.  First however I will look at the recent rise in cases and deaths.

The seven day average for new cases in the county rose from 0.71 per day on July 10 to 78 per day today, a 110 fold increase.  Until yesterday the deaths rose to a lesser extent.  There was a stretch from July 1 until August 10 where no deaths were reported.  Since then there were 27 deaths reported with 9 of them reported in the last 2 days.  

The county now ranks 8th in PA in cumulative case mortality at 2.71%.  It ranks 6th in population adjusted mortality, and 7th in population adjusted cases.

The 7 day average for deaths on July 10 was 0 per day.  Today it is 1.78 per day, about an 18 fold increase.  With the third booster shot along with the first 2 shots being given to the most vulnerable populations, the mortality rate is unlikely to reach the same terrible levels that it reached last winter.  Clearly many of the recent deaths were preventable.

I am now going off on a tangent for my anniversary post to look at what impact the pandemic has had on my blog.  Above is a screenshot of the google analytics page for traffic to this page.  The graph shows the period from when the first case was reported until today (blue line) and the preceding period (orange line) for every month.  Generally we see greater traffic for every month of the period of the pandemic. 

We see that the number of users increased by 54% and the number of new users increased by 52%.  The number of returning users (as a percentage of total users) increased from 5.6% before the first case to 12.3% after.  The number of pageviews increased by 103% while the pages per session increased by 23%.  The bounce rate decreased by 35% which means that fewer users were not interacting with the page.  The average session duration did decrease from 42 seconds before the pandemic to 25 seconds during.

I am happy to disseminate information about the difficulties that Cambria County faces.  I wish I had better news to give.  I will continue to sound the alarm.

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