Sunday, October 10, 2021

Columbus (or Indigenous People's) Day Reflections on COVID in PA

This weekend, the State of Pennsylvania only released case and hospitalization numbers, not death and vaccination numbers.  I assume that this is because of the Columbus (or Indigenous People's) Day is a state holiday.  This provides an opportunity to reflect on the state of the corona virus pandemic.  

The state has started to provide numbers of child cases each week.  This is in response to all of the controversy over mask mandates in schools.  Above are the numbers for Cambria County for the school year for the 0-4 age group (blue line) and the 5-18 age group (red line).  The graph is on the logarithmic scale to make it easier to see changes in both groups.  The trendlines are linear but are not straight because of the logarithmic scale and account for more than 95% of the variability for both age groups.

The elderly are still the most vulnerable to the virus as there are a total of 8 deaths in PA for ages 0-18 out of 29,907 total so far while 85.2% of total deaths are age 65 and older in PA.  Cases are more prevalent in age groups from 20-59 years old as seen in the graphs above.  

For gender, there are more cases among women but men are 17% more likely to die from the disease.  Race is not reported for 28% of cases but it is for all deaths.  The population adjusted mortality rate is lowest for Asian Americans in PA at 88.16 deaths/100,000 followed by Hispanics at 123.58/100,000.  African American and Caucasian rates are virtually equal at 228.13/100,000 and 234.44.100,000 respectively.  Individuals in multiple or other racial/ethnic groups have the highest mortality rate at 998.87/100,000.  

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