Sunday, June 5, 2022

County Health Rankings Statistics and COVID Vaccination Rates

I have talked in the last few posts about COVID rates and County Health Rankings (CHR). I flagged significant correlations between the rates and the rankings (greater than 0.632 or less than -0.632 for 10 counties). While the rankings are easy to explain and are often quoted in the media, the individual statistics (more than 60 or them) used to create the rankings provides more specific information about the variables that predict local COVID rates.

This post focuses on COVID vaccination rates and individual CHR statistics.  The graph above shows the correlation between Vaccination rates (for those who have received the first 2 shots) and COVID case mortality rates. It shows a negative relationship between the two where every 1 % increase in the vaccination rate yields a predicted 0.046% decrease in the case mortality rate. This relationship accounts for 54% of the variability in the Case mortality rate. Next I will summarize the CHR statistics that are significant with the vaccination rates.

There were 8 CHR variables that were significantly associated with the vaccination rate. The first that was significant was the average number of mentally unhealthy days (a quality of life statistic). This model states that for every one day increase in mentally unhealthy days, there is a predicted 19.3% decrease in the vaccination rate. This relationship accounts for 42.18% of the variability in the vaccination rate. 

To save space, I will summarize verbally the remaining significant correlations. The next significant correlation is the % of the county who are physically inactive which is also negative. This relationship accounts for 42.3% of the variability. Paradoxically, the % with access to exercise opportunities was positively correlated with the vaccination rate accounting for 49% of the variability.

The next significant correlation with the vaccination rate was with the primary care physician rate in the county. These rates were positively associated accounting for 42.3% of the variability. Likewise the flu vaccination rate was positively associated accounting for 49% of the variability. The high school completion rate and the % completing at least some college were both positively associated with the vaccination rate accounting for 44.9% and 39.7% of the variability respectively. Finally the income amount in the 80th percentile in the county was positively associated accounting for 39.7% of the variability. 

Next week I will summarize case mortality correlations.

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