Sunday, March 13, 2022

The Appalachian Studies Association Conference and Other Upcoming Events

The Appalachian Studies Association will be having its 45th annual conference in Morgantown, WV this week from March 17-20.  The theme is Making, Creating, and Encoding: Crafting Possibilities in Appalachia.  I will be presenting Using County Health Rankings to See what Ails Your Area at on Saturday the 19th with a panel discussion from 10am to 11:15am.  I will also be selling my book there.

Certainly the Appalachian Mountains and the people living there have been the target of stereotyping for decades such as in the movie Deliverance.  The mountain chain extends all the way from Mississippi all the way into Maine.  This conference is a good meeting of the minds to discuss how to move forward.

Speaking of County Health Rankings, the new rankings for each county in the U.S.  It should include statistics on the coronavirus pandemic which just reached its second anniversary on the 11th.  Cambria County will reach the second anniversary of its first case on March 23.

Also on the horizon are the new annual hate group numbers from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  These numbers are expressed by state and ideology.  I will also look at the numbers for the state of PA and the U.S.

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