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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The 'Squad', Trump's Tweet, and Healthcare Campaign Contributions

My last three posts have looked at healthcare campaign donations to freshman democratic members of congress, their ethnic/gender background, and support for medicare for all.  They showed that nonwhite members who support Medicare for All received far less in donations than non white freshman who did not and white freshmen who either did or did not support it. Four of the freshmen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib, have received press for butting heads with Nancy Pelosi and being targeted by Donald Trump in a tweet where he said that they should go back to the "crime infested" countries from which they came.  All four support Medicare for All.

These four congresswomen were included in the data for the analysis.  You can see all of the donations that they received as compiled by Danielle Keeton Olsen at Tarbell here and in the images above.  The first three of the 'squad' were classified as nonwhite according to the US Government's affirmative definition of race/ethnicity in the analysis.  I determined the ethnicity of each freshman democrat based on their Wikipedia page.  The data is listed here.

Congresswoman Tlaib (D-MI) was classified as white by the affirmative action definition.  Whites or Caucasians are defined as "people having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa."  She was also the largest recipient of healthcare campaign dollars among the 'squad' at $172,665.  This is more than the other three squad members combined at $158,903.  This pattern is present in health professionals, hospitals, and pharma but not in HMOs where she received less ($5,019) than the other three combined ($12,841).  

Congreswoman Tlaib may see herself as nonwhite while most donors see her as white.  Her ethnic background in Palestinian who have been oppressed for decades by Israel in the middle east.  I personally see Italians as Latino even though no one else does.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nancy remains. Now what about Harry (and now Barry)?

John Nichols has written many insightful blogs at The Nation magazine about the recent power struggles within the House Democratic Caucus. Below he details how Speaker Pelosi will soon be Minority Leader Pelosi and the challenges ahead. In a previous post I detailed how she was attacked in advertising in this past election and likely will be in 2012 (see Why does the Right Demonize Nancy Pelosi?)

Pelosi Easily Retains Leadership Post; Now She Must Lead | The Nation

While the focus has been on the House drama with Republicans drooling at more demonizing. The Senate has received little attention because party leadership has not changed hands there. The upper chamber of Congress began Obama's Presidency with a 60 seat (supposedly filibuster proof) super majority with Harry Reid as the Majority Leader.

Sen. Reid began the 110th Congress, along with President Obama, with high expectations from the public. The Republicans were determined to oppose their agenda every step of the way and to expose the cracks in that supermajority. What response did the former boxer from Nevada in this obstinance?

They were successful in getting the stimulus reduced to a level that would have less effect than was needed so they could later argue that these policies just don't work. On Health Care, Single Payer provisions were scuttled from the outset and the public option could have been kept in the bill through budget reconciliation (which would only require a simple majority vote) but where was Harry?

Before the election recess, a vote on repealing the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans could have been taken but Harry chickened out. Even if the repeal had been blocked by the Reps in the Senate it would have put them on the spot and it could've passed the House easily. The financial reform bill also was stronger in the House than in the Senate. Polls were showing that these reforms were popular and taking a stand on these things could have made a difference in the recent election for the House as well as the Senate Democrats. Other bills that House passed but the Senate has wavered or balked on are the Employee Free Choice Act which makes it easier for employees to form unions, the repeal of the don't ask don't tell policy which would allow gays and lesbians to serve openly in the US military, and on Nov 17 the Paycheck Fairness Act which would have corrected paycheck imbalances between men and women. On the foreign policy side the New START treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear both sides weapons may be stalled and never passed.

Yes Sen. Reid's party is still in control of the Senate and it's traditions give the minority party a lot of leverage. However his party is just barely in the majority and he himself is lucky to still be there because he had tea party wingnut Sharron Angle as an opponent. A more level headed Republican opponent would have trounced him. More skilled Senate leaders like Lyndon Johnson found ways to get important laws passed when the people needed it. I'm not sure who that should be, Russ Feingold would have been a good choice but he's gone, but clearly a shake up in the rules and the leadership is needed but none is coming Reid is back.


Obama has caved to the Reps to get an unemployment extension and anything else passed. Maybe the title of this post should have been "Nancy remains. Now what about Harry and Barry?" Vermont Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is now threatening a filibuster of his own for the tax cut deal. See.

Obama-GOP Tax Deal 'an Absolute Disaster,' Says Bernie Sanders, as Filibuster Talk Stirs

Obama's "Deal": Tax Breaks for Billionaires, Estate Tax Exemption for Millionaires, "Heartburn" for Democrats

Obama Caves on Tax Cuts, Endorses 'Bush-McCain Philosophy'

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Senate, House, Governor Races, Making Sense of Just One Race

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pat Toomey: In More Than a 30 Second Ad

One Republican candidate for the US Senate who has benefited from media circus surrounding Christine O'Donnell in Delaware, Carl Palladino in New York in the neighboring states and head stomping in Kentucky is Pat Toomey who is running in Pennsylvania for Arlen Specter's seat against Congressman Joe Sestak.

Toomey is a conservative former Congressman who fought against government regulation of the financial industry. His other views are mostly in the mold of Senator Rick Santorum who was defeated in Pennsylvania in 2006.

Prior to his years in the House of Representatives (1998-2004), Toomey worked as a successful derivatives trader in the US, Great Britain & Asia. His opponent this year, Joe Sestak, has tried to use this past against him in 30 second campaign ads but Toomey can easily counter this with 30 second ads of his own by pointing out that it was Sestak who voted for the $700 billion bailout (Toomey was lucky enough to not be in Congress at the time. I wonder how he would have voted?) for Wall Street and associating him with boogy woman Nancy Pelosi.

Because Toomey has been careful not to give Jon Stewart et al. any great soundbites, he has been able to maintain a solid lead in the polls. Derivatives are too abstract to explain in 30 seconds. Below is a link to an article in Mother Jones magazine that chronicles his Wall Street years and explains derivatives in greater detail than Sestak has so far. It shows how Toomey is far more dangerous in the long run than Christine O'Donnell could ever be.

Pat Toomey: The Wall Street Years | Mother Jones

The blog 2 political Junkies does a good job following Toomey's exploits.

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Why does the right demonize Nancy Pelosi?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why does the right demonize Nancy Pelosi?

In campaign ads by Republicans running this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D, CA) image appears the most as an object of fear even more than Barack Hussein Obama or any other, Democratic Leader. In right wing blogs more grotesque images of her appear such as the one reproduced here. Why?

Does she go around saying nutty things like Christine O'Donnell or Cynthia McKinney? Did she run away from her public service duties like Sarah Palin? Could she be she any more power hungry or sleazy than Newt (gives his first wife divorce papers while she was in the hospital with cancer) Gingrich, Tom (currently under indictment) Delay or Charlie (Dominican Republic Tax Shelter) Rangle? Is she any more of an aggressive power broker than Harry Reid (who may lose his job to another nutty ditz like Sharron Angle) or Rahm ("Obama's most loyal supporters are f_ing retarded") Emanuel?
The answers to these questions are no. If anything she disappointed some on the left when she immediately ruled out impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheyney after becoming speaker for their war in Iraq, warrantless wiretapping, torture memos, outing of Valerie Plame etc. and this is how they repay her?

Could it be because she represents the city of San Francisco in the House of Representatives? Hmm with what is this city often associated? The 49ers? The Golden Gate Bridge? Tony Bennett? Alcatraz? Not to the right wing in this country. For them it is homosexuals and the summer of love. Outright gay bashing is not is not as acceptable as it used to be so she has become a code word for it. has an analysis of how House member's voting in unison with Pelosi is exaggerated by Republicans in ads (and by Democrats who want to distance themselves from her).

NRCC Overstates Dems’ Voting Record with Pelosi
And Democrats spin the voting data, too

Democrat Jim Marshall uses hippie imagery of San Francisco to dissociate himself from Pelosi (he lost).

Pelosi gives an interview to Politics Daily where she answers the attacks on her and talks about other election issues. I've received many reactions on Facebook and here about my argument that the attacks on her are really coded gay/hippie bashing. She says the attacks on her are because she's effective which I don't really agree with either. I believe that she was more of a go with the flow politician who caved in when it mattered most on issues the health care Public Option. Judge for yourself whether the attacks on her are warranted.

Video: Melinda Henneberger Interviews Speaker Nancy Pelosi

The demonizing may have worked she will no longer be speaker in January but she ran for House Minority Leader. She won 150-43 against Heath Shuler because the House Progressive Caucus only lost one member on Tuesday while the moderate Blue Dog Caucus who demonized her too in their ads lost half of their members. In the one ad above, Jim Marshall D-GA lost 53%-47%.One Pittsburgh Congressman, Mike Doyle, has announced support for her. If that is the case look for more demonizing in 2012.

'Pelosi is not (Dems') problem,' Doyle says

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