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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

COVID Deaths Rising in Cambria County and my 11th Anniversary Post.

The 11th anniversary of this blog has snuck up on me with all my other tasks in life.  I have still been tracking the coronavirus numbers in Cambria County with alarm.  The pandemic has preoccupied my posts since the first case was reported here on March 23, 2020 so I thought I would take a look at how it has impacted the blog.  First however I will look at the recent rise in cases and deaths.

The seven day average for new cases in the county rose from 0.71 per day on July 10 to 78 per day today, a 110 fold increase.  Until yesterday the deaths rose to a lesser extent.  There was a stretch from July 1 until August 10 where no deaths were reported.  Since then there were 27 deaths reported with 9 of them reported in the last 2 days.  

The county now ranks 8th in PA in cumulative case mortality at 2.71%.  It ranks 6th in population adjusted mortality, and 7th in population adjusted cases.

The 7 day average for deaths on July 10 was 0 per day.  Today it is 1.78 per day, about an 18 fold increase.  With the third booster shot along with the first 2 shots being given to the most vulnerable populations, the mortality rate is unlikely to reach the same terrible levels that it reached last winter.  Clearly many of the recent deaths were preventable.

I am now going off on a tangent for my anniversary post to look at what impact the pandemic has had on my blog.  Above is a screenshot of the google analytics page for traffic to this page.  The graph shows the period from when the first case was reported until today (blue line) and the preceding period (orange line) for every month.  Generally we see greater traffic for every month of the period of the pandemic. 

We see that the number of users increased by 54% and the number of new users increased by 52%.  The number of returning users (as a percentage of total users) increased from 5.6% before the first case to 12.3% after.  The number of pageviews increased by 103% while the pages per session increased by 23%.  The bounce rate decreased by 35% which means that fewer users were not interacting with the page.  The average session duration did decrease from 42 seconds before the pandemic to 25 seconds during.

I am happy to disseminate information about the difficulties that Cambria County faces.  I wish I had better news to give.  I will continue to sound the alarm.

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

COVID-19 and CSI without Dead Bodies

Since March 14, thirteen out of the last 14 posts on the blog have been on the Coronavirus pandemic.  One was on the new hate group numbers from the Southern Poverty law center.  With states starting to reopen after the I thought I would take a look at how the pandemic has affected traffic on this site according to Google Analytics.  I compared the traffic from March 14 to today (June 7) to the previous period (Dec 19,2019 to March 13, 2020).

Overall, the site has received 20.4% more traffic for the current period to the previous (1,133 to 941).  The average number of page views per session increased by 18.23% (1.47 pages/session for this period to 1.24 pages/session for the last period).  However, the average time spent on a page was 30.5% lower for the current period (0:26) compared to the previous (0:38).

Although the overall number of users on this site was up by 20.4%, the number of users from the U.S. was down by 12.46% (752 to 859).  There was number of users was up from China (49 to 2), India (19 to 3), the U.K. (18 to 10), Hong Kong (15 to 0), Germany (13 to 3), Japan (11 to 3) Mexico (11 to 5) and Canada (8 to 5).  Overall the number of users for this site from outside the U.S. was higher for this site with 381 for this period to 82 from outside the U.S.  This gives an increase of 365% from outside the U.S.

The ratio of new users to returning users for this period was 93.7% (1,103) new to 6.3% (74) returning for this period to 89.4% (897) to 10.6% (106) for the previous.  For those users that have their gender identified by Google the ratio of males to females was 51.01% (177) females to 48.99% (170) males for this period.  For the previous period it was 29.89% (55) for females versus 70.11% (129) for males.

For those users whose age is identified by google, the largest increase in users was in the 35-44 age group with a 180% increase (70 to 25) followed by the 65+ age group at 173.68% (52 to 19), and the 25-34 age group at 126.67% (102 to 45).  There were increases for all the age groups.  

The results here appear to be mixed.  There are more users for this site for the pandemic posts.  According to the graph in the image at the top of the post, the largest spike in number of users between the period occurred in the week from May 17 to May 23.  The post for this period was the one on COVID-19 testing in zip-codes in Johnstown.  The traffic for this post was almost exclusively from the U.S.  More specifically, it was mostly from Johnstown and the surrounding areas.  Without this post, the gap in users between the US and the rest of the world would be even greater.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Top Ten Posts of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close I thought I would imitate other media news outlets and look at the top 10 posts on this site in terms of the number of page views.  The majority of the posts came in the early part of this year and in the later part.  Posts made before 2019 are included in this list.


This post was on changes in enrollment and in those needing special education services in the Greater Johnstown, Westmont, and Richland School Districts.  It was posted in November.  Enrollment has decreased in all three districts while African-American enrollment has increased in Johnstown.


This post was made in November 2018 to introduce the poll for the greatest nonfiction book of all time.  So far the Origin of Species is leading.


This post from May of this year presents a documentary on the migratin of African Americans to Johnstown.


This post from October looks at the propaganda campaign against the local candidate for Cambria County Commissioner, Jerry Carnicella.  He lost.


This post is from May 2011 the oldest post on this list.  It talks about how the conflict in the US is reflected in similar conflicts in Italy, Germany and Japan.


I took a look at the numbers of abuser priests identified by Pennsylvania grand juries and adjusting them for the size of the populations that they serve in each of their respective Dioceses.  Cambria County had by far the most adjusting for population.


This post from a few weeks ago showed how endemic the problem of poverty has become in the Greater Johnstown School District (GJSD) compared to the neighboring districts of Westmont, Richland, and Ferndale.  Nationally it ranks 84th out of 13,207 school districts.


This post is a follow up to the second ranked post on this list.  It is from November and gives the results up to Nov 24 of this year.


This is the first post of 2019.  It compared elite coaches in the NFL who played in the NFL (ie. Chuck Noll, Don Shula, and Tom Landry) to ones who did not (Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichick, and Jimmy Johnson).  It found that they were equal in the regular season but the one who did not play had better records in the playoffs and won more championships.


This is the next to last post of the year.  It was a follow up post to the seventh most popular post on this list.  It looked at trends in the city, county, state, and US in poverty and median income.  The gap between the county and the city and the state and the US is growing.

For this list, two of the posts were made before 2019 and six of them were on the City of Johnstown and the surrounding area.  Of the eight posts made this year, three were made in the first half of the year.  This blog almost completely covers the 2010s.  In September I will have the tenth anniversary post looking at it's all time most popular posts.

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

9th Anniversary Post: Evaluating the Domain Name

The 9th anniversary of CSI without Dead Bodies is upon us/me.  It has been a hectic year where I purchased a domain name for this blog.  The number of users per month for the last year when the domain name was bought are summarized in the blue line in the graph below.  The number of users for the previous year are summarized in the orange line below.

Overall there was a 128.8% increase in the number of users in the past year (mostly in the first three months of last year).  Likewise there was a 130.21% and a 129.06% increase in the number of new users and sessions respectively.  There was a slight increase in the number of sessions per user (0.11%).  However there was only a 20.65% increase in the number of pageviews and a 47.33% decrease in the number of pages per session.  There was a smaller decrease in the average session duration but a larger increase in the bounce rate.  This suggests that while the number of users has increased, the level of engagement hasn't.  

Looking at the countries where the users came from, there was a 4,426.09% increase from India, a 2,400% increase from Nigeria, a 2,000% increase from Bangladesh but an 85.13% increase from the United States.  Looking at the United States, there was a one second increase in the average session duration.  There was a decrease in the pages per session in the US but It was higher there (1.85 pages per session) than it was in the page overall (1.71 pages per session).  This suggests that the low engagement comes from outside the US which makes sense as most of my posts are about the US.

I counted 50 posts to the blog in the last year.  With 415 total posts on the blog over the last nine years, that averages out to 46.1 posts per year so it has been a productive year.  I will continue the domain name from google to promote my blog. On to the tenth year.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Comparing Google Analytics to Statcounter

Since 2011 I used web traffic analytics websites to track the traffic on this site.  Blogger has a built in traffic monitor that doesn't filter out bots that inflate the web traffic estimates.  I also use Google Analytics and StatcounterGoogle Adsense also measures web traffic to determine ad revenue.  I thought I would take a look at how these web traffic apps correspond to each other.  

Google Analytics (users)
Google Analytics (page views)
Google Adsense
Google Analytics (users)
Google Analytics (pageviews)
Google Adsense

I recorded the web traffic from each site from January 19 to February 17.  Google Analytics records the number of unique users and the number of page views from each day.   The correlation coefficients for the web traffic estimates are listed in the table above.  The google analytics estimates of the users and page views were most highly correlated with each other at 0.886 (on a scale from -1 to +1).  Google Adsense estimates were most highly correlated with Google Analytics page views .  Blogger's built in traffic counter measures page views and is most correlated with Adsense.  Statcounter is a site not affiliated with Google and not surprisingly is not strongly correlated with any of their traffic estimates with Google Analytics pageviews being strongest at 0.101.

You can see this lack of correspondence with the above chart.  On Feb 5 there was a spike in activity on Statcounter that was not seen on Blogger.  You can see the high amount of bot traffic on blogger (blue line).

The above graph shows how Statcounter (in black) compares to Google Analytics and Adsense.  There was no similar spike in traffic on that day.  There were spikes in traffic on both statcounter and google analytics on other days for page views.  The top five most visited pages are displayed for each site below.  No pages appeared in all three sites.  Some pages appear in two out of the three sites such as Best Nonfiction Poll Update and The Civil War in a Larger International Historical Context.  Statcounter only provides the top pages for the last 12 days for free.  

Google Analytics Page Views
Statcounter (only last 12 days)
The Civil War in a Larger International Historical Context

Vote for the Best Nonfiction Book of All Time
Best Nonfiction Poll Update

A Look at My Blogosphere

Does playing in the NFL help a head coach? Not in the Playoffs.

I don't which of these sites are right.  I'm not sure which is the gold standard.  There is certainly some noise in the signal.  Because Google owns Blogger and a host of other analytics products it's good to have an outside site to validate the numbers.  Google determines ad revenue so Adsense has the final say.

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Friday, September 28, 2018

Eighth Anniversary Post, Time for a Change

It has been a turbulent year for me with moving and other responsibilities.  Since my last anniversary post I have written 27 posts here compared to 41 posts the year before, a 52% decrease.  The decrease in posts is reflected in a 19% decrease in traffic.  This discrepancy in the traffic and the posts suggests that the impact of posts matters more than the mere quantity of them.  

I thought I would take a closer look at what is driving the traffic drop.  Visits to the main blog page were down by 23.91% (1,174 in 2018 from 1,543 in 2017) with similar decreases in the other analytic measures such as time on page and unique page views.  

The most viewed post from 2017-2018 was my post on documentary filmmakers in Johnstown, PA which was posted in January of this year which had 513 views.  Of the top ten most viewed individual posts, 3 were posted in the '17-'18 period.  Of the seven posts in the top 10 which where posted before this year, four of them showed an increase in traffic from the previous year.  This suggests that the enduring popularity of posts from this year and the previous year are have buoyed traffic this year.  The top 10 most seen posts can be seen in the table below.

Page Title
Post from this Year
Unique Pageviews
Avg. Time on Page (s)
Page Value ($)

Google analytics now provides demographic information on users (when their algorithms can decipher it or when they have gmail accounts).  The gender data accounts for only 40.01% of total users.  The bar charts at the left show that the ratio of male to female visitors to the blog remained unchanged for both years.

The data by age and year is shown above.  This graph accounts for 38.17% of total users.  Even though as before the pattern for age groups for 2018 is the same as 2017 with less traffic this year.  For both years users in the age group 25-54 was the most common type of user.

Last night I went to an event sponsored by Public Source called the business of the blog.  They talked about search engine optimization (SEO) and ways to earn money off blogging..  They said that search engines will not show your site unless you buy a domain and move to another platform like Wordpress ($12/year).  I believe that with the current state of my traffic that it is time to take the plunge.  I've done everything I could in the past to build traffic except this by trading URLs with other sites, building a following on Twitter and Facebook, and writing for other publications with some success.

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